Icon for "Edit Artwork on Multiple Panels" doesn't show for Windows version

Minor thing: To edit artwork across multiple panels on a Windows computer, it’s holding [shift]+[ctrl] and selected the panels you need. But the icon to select those multiple panels doesn’t show on that key combo, instead it only shows on [shift]+[alt], which doesn’t actually do anything to select the panels. I think the [shift]+[alt] is closer to the Mac version with the [cmd] key if I remember correctly?

Sometimes just difficult to tell if I’m getting the panels I need on Windows without the icon showing.

What icon? In the Thumbnails or Timeline view, select/click the first panel in the sequence. Hold Ctrl + Shift (WIN) to activate a multiselection, and select the last panel/click in the sequence.

For more details you can check the docs, even has a video.

My bad, should’ve specified Timeline view. I understand that [ctrl]+[shift] are the keys to activate multiselection on Windows. I attached a quick drawing of the icon I’m talking about (Would’ve done a screenshot, but tough to do when I’m already having to hold down keys and hover my mouse in SBPro to have the icon show up at all).

I’ve used Storyboard Pro on both Mac and Windows, when doing multiselection on a Mac that icon shows up. When doing multiselection on Windows, the icon doesn’t. On Windows it shows up when you do [shift]+[alt] (Which if I remember correctly is more similar to the Mac keys of [cmd]+[shift] or something, but doesn’t do anything on Windows). When doing multiselection on Windows, [ctrl]+[shift], the icon is just the normal black selection arrow. Which is fine to see what you’re selecting, but the multiselection icon not showing up is confusing for me every time I have to use it daily without looking at my keyboard to use hotkeys. It’s definitely just like… a minor issue but since this is the SBPro Support and Troubleshooting forum, I figure why not at least bring it up here.