i want to flatten the rigs from cutout is that possible?

i want to flatten the rigs to get only the lines. I’m having problem with just getting only the lines that are visible in composite. I already full out the lines using color override but because this is a cut out rigs all line are visible line part by part… any suggestion how to get only outlines from rigs? I want to change the color of the character in different color but maintain the line color as black. The possible way i know now is to rig a copy of character and change all parts one by one. If i can have the simple modules that i can just add on to my rigs that would be helpful.

you can select the Paint bucket tool and select unpaint, but you have to do it for each layer if necessary, the best thing to do is when you are making a rig, make blank rigs before you make a rig that is painted, that way you can edit a rig template without redoing all the work