I WANT TO DO ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION in toon boom harmony adanvced! (read body)

but i dont know if it will charge me the full price of the year or monthly help! i dont know how to handle this situation. im just trying to do monthy in annual sub

Read the pricing on www.toonboom.com/products/harmony/pricing

If you rent the software for a year you save 33 percent, but you will have to pay the amount all at once: 876 dollar (which calculates to 38 dollar per month).

If you rent the software monthly it will cost you 109 dollar per month.

On that pricing page you must choose either ANUALLY or MONTHLY. Choose MONTHLY to pay every month (which will cost you 33 percent more over a year).

im just gonna go with monthly

thank you for replying and i did look on the pricing its just really confusing when it comes to anually