I want to animate stuff on 2's. Help would be much appreciated

Hi there,

I am currently using toon boom animate pro 3, and I’ve got a potential issue. When I animate, I prefer the look of 12 frames per second as opposed to 24 frames per second. In the industry, they call it animating on 2’s since you’ve got each image for two frames instead of one. I was looking for a script for doing this, and I used to have one! but I’ve since lost it while switching to my new computer.

So, is there some easier way to animate on 2’s without having to convert all of the animation to individual frames and deleting every other one? Thanks in advance!

Wasn’t there an option at some point to highlight the animation and right click and “set timing to 2s” or something like that?

Not too sure. I’ll check and give a response back yay or nay. Thanks!

So here are the options when I right click on the selected frames: