I upgrade to Animate PRO 3

awesome, now I am back to learn 2d animation, after learning a little bit of 3d animation with blender and maya…

my question with this new version of animate PRO 3:

can I use in my main desktop computer and my tablet when I am out of my house?

I love to draw/animate at the beach for a few hours and I want to continue after in my main computer with my wacom intuos4, I have a samsung tablet with windows8, awesome too.

my license allow me to do that?

You can install TBA3 on both your desktop and your laptop, but you can only use it on one computer at a time.

The way this is done is by returning your license to the TB server from one computer and activating it on your other computer. Look in your Animate>Tools folder for LicenseWizard. This can be done as often as you wish. Here is a short tutorial:


Thanks a lot, So any time that I want to use my tablet I can deactivate and reactivate as many times I need? waoo, nice to know thanks!

You’re welcome. Have fun!