I think ive been scammed by a fake toonboom account?

im not really sure what to make of this . i think im over thinking .
i recently decided to switch from a monthly to perimenent lisence for storyboard pro.
i did so by contacting people through toonbooms contact page.
For some reason i was provided a paypal link for the proper amount instead of automatically being added to my credit card which is registered. but that didnt seem too weird at first he was doing me a favour because i cant afford support till next month.
so thats fine i think , it came through as an invoice directly on paypal no weird log in stuff.

so i get this link from another person after saying i have a registeration link now and a download link for storyboard pro.
but my redflags are going off.

  1. the link is to to a filesharing thing which brings me to a blank page that just has toonboom storyboard pro download options as loose files. a exe file and a dmg file (mac and windows downloads )
  2. my monthly membership is still active for renewal should i except that to cancel once i have this download done ?
  3. the charge isnt on the account but i was told that would only come through once the program is uploaded .

im just confused about how this all went down i cant understand why i cant download directly off the site and register it ? cause it did accept the registration number.

advice ?