I switched to Toon Boom to harmony

is there any way i can get the old color pallete back and also open my older projects?

as far as I know you only open Toon Boom Animate projects in Harmony, for the old Toon Boom Studio Swatches you have to make a color grid and fill each square with the Toon Boom Studio Swatch colors and Export as a PDF while using Toon Boom Studio, and import to the Harmony library and click and drag to the Stage, when a box opens and asks you about the colors just click yes, save it as a project file, then you can go to the project file folder and extract the Swatch palette file and import the Color palette from the palettes panel pulldown menu and use it on other projects in Harmony, remember to name color palettes so you know what palette you want to use, that’s how I did it. had to make a correction once you import a PDF file all the colors will appear on under the color palette panel as swatches, there is no need to make new colors with the Dropper.

Hiya, unless things have changed recently, the ONLY way to open old projects is to send them to TB Support who will convert them to the Harmony Format for you. They don’t charge and not sure how long it will take.

Cheers, Jason

Harmony and Storyboard Pro User