I seriously can't get the audio to work!

I’ve been looking all over the forum and I can’t seem to find any answers to my problem. Thing is, when I import the sound file, the waveforms are just straight lines and there’s no sound at all! I’ve tried looking for answers here, but nothing seems to help…

Is Quicktime installed?
On Windows 10 the newest Quicktime is broken and you must instead
install V7.7.6 or V7.7.7 (or older)

And when you do install QT, make certain NOT to install the QT player; the player has known serious security flaws.

It is silly Toonboom is still relying on QT on Windows - let’s hope the developers will resolve this dependency before long.

I followed your advice and installed QT V.7.7.7 (NOT qt player), but it’s still not playing the audio or showing the waveforms.

So it’s probably;

  1. Me not knowing how to do this and thus doing something wrong…

  2. Or its not working…

It’s probably the first one though.

I have the same problem. I just have the QT codecs installed and my audio has worked for months, but I booted up today and got no waveform or sound at all.

QuickTime has become just much too unreliable - it is a bit shameful the “industry standard” still relies on QT. Point in case: the OpenTOonz community got rid of QT dependent movie export - OT now uses FFmpeg. If an open source community of volunteer coders can solve this within a couple of months, surely the Toonboom devs cannot stay behind?

I hope the TB team can figure an all-in one solution that doesn’t rely on third-party software…and SOON. This is getting frustrating…

Check to see what the latest Windows update may have done to your system.

In Harmony…
Also check to make sure that “Enable Sound” is still checked in the “Play” menu.

“Enable Sound” is checked. What could the latest Windows update have done to alter Harmony’s performance? Also, the updates are irreversible, and cannot be uninstalled after installation.

We are working in removing the requirement to use QuickTime in Harmony, unfortunately it was not possible to complete this functionality for this release of Harmony 14, however, it is planned for a future update of Harmony 14 and this update will be freely available to all customers of Harmony 14

Wonderful. Thank you!