I really need help

I have Toon Boom. I can’t seem to use it at all. I can’t figure out how to use this program. Did it come with a help file that i can’t find? Does this site have tutorials i can’t find? I saw some Der Der example, and it moves way to fast, and starts with too much already done… I am lost, simply lost. I need help, newbie help. Where can i get basics, step by step basics? This program is way too overwhelming for me.

Well you have the help files of course, press F1…thats a start.


In the TBS HELP is as you can see here an extensive tutorial. Give it a shot, it should get you on the right track.

About Toon Boom Studio
Lesson 1: Drawing
Lesson 2: Painting
Lesson 3: Lip Syncing
Lesson 4: Building a Multiplane Scene
Lesson 5: Creating Cross-Dissolves with Color Transform Elements
Lesson 6: Creating Clipping Mask Effects
Lesson 7: Retouching Drawings in Sceneplanning

I tried the tutorials. I can’t understand them, it goes too fast. Like the part on animation. They explain how to peg way to fast. i don’t get it. When i make a drawing and try to click a new peg to make lips, eyes, or whatever a peg, i can’t do anything. Once i go to a new peg, i can’t even draw. All i can do is draw a picture. how do i use the pegs to animate? I was told i could peg parts of the characters body, then move the character 30 frames later, click play and it will move from frame 1, to frame 30 smoothly. But i can’t peg… I am only 16. I live in a disfunctional household and i am looking to get involved in the only thing i am good at, drawing. My dad taught me to draw before he died. now i live with my mom, who is an addict. I can’t go to school to learn how to animate, my mom won’t take me. any help would be appreciated. Diving into a cartoon world would be a great healthy ecscape.

Try these:



Steve Ryan’s tutorials are especially helpful in getting started with TBS.