I need to install/activate TBS 5 on 3rd machine!!!!!

in the past 4 weeks i’ve been through 3 different laptops, in search of the perfect one that will run both maya 2010 and tbs 5 without a glitch. i’ve done ok so far w/ tbs 5 (windows) on all 3 laptops, but i’ve run into a nasty snag w/ maya, needless to say (and i know, i need NOT say here, of all places, 2d vs. 3d!!!).

trouble is, i need a graphics card that’ll work w/ both applications, especially w/ maya b/c maya is a lot pickier than tbs 5 sigh.

at any rate, i installed and activated tbs 5 on (i believe) 2 out of the 3 new laptops (that were subsequently uninstalled and returned back to the merchant).

now…i’ve ordered another laptop (hopefully my very last, as this one was recommended by maya) and i’m worried i won’t be able to activate tbs 5 on it, as it would be the 3rd machine already, and tbs 5 says you can only activate on 2 machines.

will there be a problem installing and activating on this 3rd machine, given i uninstalled and returned the other laptops to the merchant?

someone else had a similar problem, she accidentally activated tbs 5 on the wrong machine and could not activate on a 3rd machine as a result. she said she had to give back the license key or something along those lines, not clear on that.

will someone please tell me, in laymans terms now, exactly what’s to be expected and what i should do in order to get tbs 5 to install and activated on this 3rd and hopefully last machine?

thank you in advance!!!

The proper procedure is to return the license before uninstalling the software. If you do not return the license, you will not be able to run Toon Boom Studio on the 3rd machine.

You can contact support at support@toonboom.com for further information.

ok, thanks. i took care if it. :smiley: