I need some help with lips, switch layers and lip synch

The trouble I am having is I spent the whole morning drawing out my mouths in the same order as the phonemes seem to appear in the lip synch menu. I imported the character into the scene and then no matter what I do, the mouths want to jump in size and move do a different place in space no matter how many times I put them where I want them. It’s starting to feel like a game of whack-a-mole. Thing two is I have them all in frames one through 9 on one drawing layer. How do you use the f5 button to extend them all to the end of the scene? Do you click on each one and extend it? Should they all just extend when you extend the layer?
This forum seems to have an AI function that pointed me to a number of previous threads, but those all had links that are too old to open.
Is there anyone out there who’d do a zoom work through on this, and if so what would that cost?
Thank you everyone.

Here are some Learn Toon Boom links to help you out with lip sync and drawing substitutions.

Learn how to create a full set of lip-sync for your character.
LINK: Lip-sync Drawing Substitution

Learn about the different ways to animate the character’s mouth to create lip-sync.
LINK: Lip-sync Animation

I had the animate key on. Sorry folks, still new here. Thanks. I guess that means I start all over again?
Do people think based on what I said above that could be the culprit? That after putting the mouths in the right spot I’d come back to the frame again and they’ve traveled and resized themselves?
Is it possible to save the mouths I drew all morning yesterday and reapply them to the character, this time with the animate button off and be ok? Just asking because hand drawing those mouths is a whole process.
I guess when you’re building you need to turn that thing off so that it can differentiate, that’s it? Are there other applications to that feature?
I appreciate people’s patience with a noob. When I get good at this thing I promise I’ll check out this forum and help people along too. Cheers.