I need some help with animating and accessing an envelope deformer rig and mouth animations on a model someone made.

So, I am completely new to Envelope Deformation and I can’t figure out how to access the rig to this character that already has envelope deformation on all their individual parts. The character I’m trying to animate, I have been told, has an envelope rig and even a mouth pack for lip-sinking with dialogue, but I don’t know where to click to reach any of it and while I can see it in the node view. I don’t know if there is a skeleton hidden in there or if I need to make one to move the limbs properly, and I don’t know how to see it or manipulate it in the timeline either. The characters head and all the moving parts of the face do not appear in the timeline, but I can see it in the Node View.

Does anyone know what I’m not doing right or what videos I can watch to learn this?


You have to select the pegs or elements containing the deformers (bones or envelopes) and press the “Show Selected Manipulators and Hide All Others” button on the Deformation Toolbar