I need some color!

I just bought ToonBoom Studio 8.1 and it’s all in black and white!
Not only that, but I can’t see anything I draw while I’m drawing it, only until I finish.
People say that I cna fix this by switching the rendorer to Direct3D but I can’t run ToonBoom unless its with OpenGL.

What graphics card are you using?

Do you have the latest driver?

I’m not sure but I think my graphics card is an Intel 82945G Express Chipset Family.

You should to find out what it is and check for the latest driver and software compatibility.

I just did a scan on Crucial and it says my graphics card is PCI Express x16.
How do I find the latest driver and software compatibilty?
And will installing them fix my problem?

PCI Express x16 is just the interface type for the graphics card. It does not actually describe the card itself. I don’t know how you pull up the information on a WIndows system. I gather you used Crucial’s System Scan software, can the text of the result be copied and pasted here?

As for the driver fixing the problem it is a matter of trial & error. You try this and that and whittle away until the problem is resolved. You won’t know if it is the solution until we try it. You will have to look for something else if it remains afterward.

This is what they told me:

Your HP - Compaq dc7600 Series Convertible Minitower
system specs as shipped

Notes about your system:
Although the memory can be installed one module at a time, the best performance comes from using matched pairs of modules.

When using PC2-5300 parts the maximum memory is 2GB. When using PC2-4200 the maximum is 4GB.

Maximum memory: 4096MB
Slots:4 (2 banks of 2)
*Not to exceed manufacturer supported memory. 1GB
DDR PC2-5300
DDR PC2-5300
Empty Empty

Storage: Serial ATA support
58% Free (159891058688 Total Storage)

video card
Graphics card: PCI Express x16
External connector: 15-hole connector

That came with an AMD Radeon x300 according to this review:

That is a very old (introduced in 2002) and relatively weak video card.

On this page there is a link to have AMD software automatically detect the card and download the latest driver:

TB Studio 8.1 minimum requirements are:
Video card supporting Direct3D or
Open GL with 256 MB RAM

According to this the card supports both but it does not meet the 256mb video RAM for OpenGL but it might run with Direct3D if the drivers are advanced enough for 2014 software:

Let us know whether that improves your situation.

On the AMD site it told me that they were unable to find a driver and my operating system might not be supported.

You said it doesn’t meet the requirements for OpenGL but it might run with Direct3D. However, my ToonBoom can only open a project if its on OpenGL.

We can see that opening a project and running the software adequately are not synonymous.

I think it is time to replace your computer.

If you could get the color working you would run into other problems because the computer was just a business application design with limited RAM capacity.

At the least you need to replace the video card. If you can afford it replace the computer. You will be better off with at least 8GB RAM and a decent graphics card. If you have room in the budget run the operating system and software on a SSD.

Where would I be able to get a new video card?
I’m going to see if ToonBoom works with my other computer, but I doubt it.