im tring to make shadows for a color like lets say i make green pants, now i want to shade it alittle, well when i change the color palat it changes the same color on my pants the same way… :’(

There are several approaches that can be used to solve your issue. One approach is to copy the color swatch for the green pants and then adjust the color of the copied swatch to suit your shading need. You don’t want to modify a swatch color itself unless you want to automatically change all previous paint zones in your project that used that color swatch, so make a copy and modify the new swatch copy.

A different approach is to make a copy of a black swatch and then adjust the alpha value for that swatch. In fact you can make several of these shading swatches each with a different alpha value. The alpha setting is used to control transparency. So an alpha of 16 is a very faint shadow while a value of 33 is much darker and 50 is even darker. Then be sure that “draw top layer” is toggled off so that when you use the brush tool to paint the shade over your character’s pants the original green shows just darkened by the transparent shade. -JK

thanks :slight_smile: i also found another way but its much more difficult to deal with…urs is much faster. ^^

Something else you can try is making the color to blend with a lighter color. Open up the color picker window by double clicking on the color and click the little option that says “Gradiant” The click the color you want it to blend into. You can also make it blend into several colors by clicking on the color bar above the options and making different colors. Once you get the colors and style you want, close the window and Drag the Paint Bucket tool inside of your object. The farthur you drag it the more evenly distributed the colors get. This works great, especially for shadows and sunset effects.