I need some advice, I am in the process of taking 1 year of printed cartoons...

Namaste all you wonderful people! I need some advice, I am in the process of taking 1 year of printed cartoon strips and preparing an animated short (final ouput to be DV footage). I’ve done a screen test in PremierePRO and it looks pretty good (albiet only 10 seconds worth)

see this clip–> http://www.extreme-nepal.com/images/WM91024test.wmv

I am wondering if toon boon is the way to go. All my 2d black&white source is in Photoshop PSD layers. My plan is to just use that, lay down a set in ppro, place actors on that, and use motion/effects to give it that old-fashioned cartoon effect. Some scenes require live motion set with animated characters on top of that (in 2d). My question really is: will this tool help me. My drawings are all in Photoshop, and I plan to tween frames with Imageready.

Well, what do you all think? I’ve looked into Poser5 to animate the characters, but I don’t think I want a 3d look, although that may be an easier way to animate a character…dunno. looks pretty complex. For samples of my source see my website:

list of printed cartoons → http://www.extreme-nepal.com/tell.html


no bigntall, that was done in PremierePro using the SHINE plug-in. i plan to do all post production there - its full of cool stuff like that. But i don’t think i can use TBS :frowning: - it won’t export a usable AVI that I can see.