I need help with shadows

I was wondering if anyone out there would be kind enough to post step-by-step instructions on getting a shadow to follow a character across the screen using Animate Pro (version 1 or 2)?

Quadmaps are giving me a headache, and while I can get the shadow to follow the character ok, I’m sure somebody could show me a much better way. And no matter what I do I can’t get the shadow to be one uniform shade. Wherever a characters body part overlaps the shadow is darker in that part.

If anyone is able to walk me through this I would really appreciate it!

After reading this I started having a toy and is it just me or is the diagrams in the manual totally unreadable? Like even if you zoom in you can’t read.

Anyway I was thinking maybe something like http://www.toonboom.com/support/forums/animate/index.php?board=15;action=display;threadid=1544;start=msg6649#msg6649 what Lilly suggest for transparency might work here.

Also Dessie I noticed you entered the toonboom contest but your video is gone! I wanted to watch it when I saw it was by you ;D

Raider to the rescue! (again!)

Thankyou so much for pointing out the transparency topic. When I read that, I placed a bitmap composite module between the shadow shape and the shadow effect module, and FINALLY I have my perfect, moving shadow. I’m not sure if this is what I was meant to do but it works!

The manual doesn’t go into great detail about how to use the effects, and I think I got myself into trouble by watching an old Toon Boom demo video where everything was turned into symbols. Of course I did what they said and symbolised my drawings, which totally complicated everything. I know, when will I learn? ::slight_smile:

So thanks Raider, you superstar.

I did enter the Toon Boom/Cartoonsmart comp, and my video is still there (I think?) but it’s probably under my real name now, which is Desiree. Be kind with any criticism, I hadn’t animated anything in 10 years before entering :-\

It it basically flattens the images before making it which stops the overlapping issue (which comes from the shadow being applied to the layers and added together).

Would you mind posting or emailing me an image of your network view setup for this? I can’t read the one in the manual!

Lilly solved it not me, i just remembered that she did ;D

You did the flintstones one right?

in Animate 2, when you add a new transparency node it should automatically flatten the image. If you had opened up a scene from Animate 1, then it would still have the non-flattened transparency node so you would still see that behaviour.

Always glad to help :slight_smile: Good luck in the competition!

Toon Boom Support

Ok, I’ve been playing with the shadow effect a bit more and now I know where I went wrong. Correct me if I’m wrong anyone:

* When you have a single drawing and attach a shadow (or transparency) node, it automatically flattens the image.

* When you have different drawings on different layers that are to be included in the shadow together (with no overlapping shades) you need to “Group” them using a Group Layer and attach the group to the shadow node.

*When you want to create a shadow with a symbol which is made up of different drawings, you have to attach a composite node first, then the shadow node. The composite node “flattens” the image so you don’t have any overlapping bits.

Here you go Raider, I’ve attached an image of the above three scenarios as they appear in both my network view and the timeline view with Animate Pro 2.



Just pm you my email address since the links don’t work.

I am still learning pro so i would like to see them :slight_smile: