i need help with camera zoom

I made the camera zoom in in the beginning of the scene with a peg. In the next scene, i want the camera to be zoomed out. But I do not know how to start the next frame with the camera zoomed out.

I tried adjusting the camera, but it just gets rid of the initial zoom in my first scene.

How do i go about this? I want the next frame to be zoomed all the way out.

To change a camera position to produce different shots, you will want to use keyframes at the beginning and ending frames of each shot. Each keyframe placed on the peg that is attached to the camera is used to “lock” down the camera’s position. Then when you move the camera on the following frame that movement does not effect the previous frame. To get a better understanding of this process you will want to read this article which I wrote.-JK


thanks, that helped alot. I managed to start a new scene with a different camera shot.

However, in the new frame, whenever I try to draw, my drawing strokes appear in a different spot. How do i fix this?

I just added a new keyframe for the new shot, and adjusted my camera and this causes my brush strokes to appear in a different area when i attempt to draw

My brush strokes appear normally if i dont move the camera but as soon as i move the camera, it messes things up

Are you drawing in Camera View? If so, that is a poor work practice. TBS allows drawing in Camera View but it was one of those “fixes” that they added to the software which was really only meant for fine tuning type adjustments that were easier to make in Camera View. Unfortunately, people thought that because you can draw in Camera View that it meant that it was OK to do so. Actually it isn’t and it creates many problems. Draw in Drawing View and use Camera View as it was originally meant as your camera stand. I explain the differences and usages of Drawing View and Camera View in this article. -JK


yes i was drawing in camera view. So I guess I should draw first and then change the camera position.

this is a bit off topic, but the group paint function where you hit alt+shift seems problematic.

How do i prevent it from painting cells that are from a different scene? I used the group paint to fill in a lip and it ended up affecting cells that were not part of the same scene

Not sure exactly what you are experiencing. I rarely use the group paint feature but elements in different scenes are not directly linked and the group paint function is only suppose to fill similar paint zones in a common element. It will paint all similar paint zones in all cells in a common element even cells that are not currently assigned to a frame in the timeline but unless you copied that element and inserted it into a new scene that shouldn’t be an issue.

Have you in fact created separate scenes? IE scene 1, scene 2 or are you just referring to shot changes within the same TBS scene. The term scene in TBS is a physically distinct group as defined by the Scene Manager panel. -JK

I have not made a seperate scene. Every drawing is in the same element/timeline. So I suppose painting each frame individually is the way to go?

ok something troublesome is happening. Toon boom crashed and when i restarted it, it gave me an error saying “drawing-2 1030 could not be found”…

Also it crashed a second time and gave me a message like "directsound could not allocated enough memory "

Is this happening because my project file is getting too big? I got almost 2000 frames and a 1 minute long sound file.

Im using toon boom studio 6 on windows 7. I got 6gb of ram so i dont know what the problem is

Hi Mike,

For the missing drawing, were you in the middle of modifying an element when the program crashed?

For the sound error, maybe your scene is maxing out your computer resources; you can try increasing virtual memory and removing the Areo theme.

If you make a copy of your project but remove the audio, do you have the same issue?

I realized that the missing drawing error was my fault. Copying and pasting over an existing frame seems to cause it.

I notice crashes whenever i hit the play button to preview my animation. It gets choppy and the program crashes.

I tried to delete the audio track and play it, but it crashed after i removed the audio elements. Very unstable so far.

i cant even work on my project anymore. It wont even export without quitting midway through. I think my project is taking up too much memory.

How do i split it? I tried copying certain amount of frames and starting a new project but toon boom crashes as soon as i try to copy the frames