I need help transferring Toon boom studio 6 from Windows 7 to Macbook Pro

I am kind of confused as to how the deactivation and re-installing on a new computer works.
Do i need the CD? and how do i get the code back? I tried reading the Q&A but it barely helped :frowning:

The reason I’m moving the program is because it doesn’t work very well on my Windows anymore.

Also I’m sorry if i messed up posting or whatever, I’m not sure how the forums work very well and I want to get this done soon…

I was able to return the license following at https://download.toonboom.com/files/kb/return_license_2/
If it still does not work, you better contact support.

The code is not actually taken away so you don’t need to think about getting it back. You are formally deactivating the license (and removing the software on the computer). Once you have done that you treat everything as though it is all brand new never having been installed anywhere. You follow through the process like it is a brand new program being installed. You use the same source media, serial number and so on that you used the first time.