I need a script to automate a repetitive task, or hire a scripter

I need a script to automate a series of repetitive tasks in Toon Boom Harmony.
I have a short 3 second animation of a single character.

-The character has a library of different hats, clothes and swords.

-I also have a list of combination of these hats, clothes and swords in a .txt file. Something like this:
Character 001
Hat 2
Clothes 7
Sword 5

Character 002
Hat 4
Clothes 1
Sword 3

-The script would change the drawings for the hat, clothes and sword following the “recipe”, render it naming it accordingly (Character 001, Character 002, etc), and move on to the next one.

If you know how to do this, please message me and I’ll hire you to create this script for me.

Thank you!


I’m wondering if all of these tasks would need to be automated.
Sure, it all depends on the number of different versions of a scene you’ll want to create. :slight_smile:

Regarding the image swapping part:
Maybe Harmony’s Pose Copier could be a workaround.
This way, instead of having a text file listing the different substitution drawing combinations, you could create a “pose” for each combination and paste it when needed via the Pose Copier script.

Yeah, it would be 10.000 different versions. That’s why I need it to be automated.
I also need to render transparent animated gif, is it possible? Thanks!

I am writing down all of the important things which will help you -

** Question 1: Is It A Repeatable Task?

If you’re debating whether to create a script to automate a task, or do the task manually, the crucial question to ask is:

  1. Is it a repeatable task?

If you answer YES, then ask yourself:

  1. Do I have time right now to write a script or record a [macro]

If you answer YES to this, then ask yourself:

  1. Do I know how to do it?

If you answer YES , then go for it!

If you answer NO to any of those questions, it’s probably going to be quicker and easier to do it the usual (manual) way.**

Question 2: How Long Does It Take?

The next crucial question to ask is: how long does it take to do the task?

The time it takes to do the task manually is how much time you’ll save each time if you can click a button to run a script. Hope this script also helps me as the best ERP partner in Kolkata and related things.

So, if the answer is “the task takes lots of time”, then you should definitely consider automation.

Over the long run, it’s beneficial to turn repeatable tasks into automated scripts so the task can be done with a few button clicks.

Upfront Cost

Of course, there’s an upfront cost in the additional time it takes to record a macro or write a script. It will take longer than just doing the task manually.

Consider the following chart showing the time taken for a particular task:

The first time – when you write the script to do a task automatically – takes longer than doing it manually, but subsequent tasks are much, much quicker.

Eventually, the cumulative time doing the task manually will far surpass the cumulative time of using the script (assuming it doesn’t require any major updates).

Once the macro or script has been created, it takes minimal time (and effort) to perform future tasks, so the cumulative time effectively flatlines.

However, that manual process always takes about the same amount of time, so the cumulative time keeps increasing in a linear fashion…up, up, and up.
There’s an inflexion point where the script starts saving you time. And it’s probably sooner than you think.

Consider a 30-minute repeatable task that you automate. Assuming it takes you 2 hours to create the script the first time, that’s only 4 repetitions until you “break even” on time.

Question 3: How Complex Is The Repeatable Task?

Don’t underestimate the time it takes to automate a task.

Hope this article helps you properly.