I made a video explaining my problems.


I thought it would be easier to just explain it in a video. How can I rectify these issues?



Hi, a few things to cover then, so i’ll try and word it in a way that hopefully makes sense. Would have been useful to see how you structured things in node view and whether you are parenting body parts in a specific way.

  1. Pivot point moving - Looking at it, you have moved the arm to its current location on 3/4 view by using a peg? So when you swap to the front facing view the peg isn’t applied and the arm resets back to its original location. Are your 3/4 side view and front view “drawing substitutions” or independent layers ?

  2. The duplicate top arm/bicep is acting as a clone rather than a stand alone asset, bene why it deletes when you remove the main upper arm. Im guessing if u change the colour or make any changes to the original arm, then the duplicate will show these changes. Easiest way to sort this is to avoid any confusion, is view the original upper arm in drawing mode, select all, copy it, then create a new layer and then paste it. This will ensure it is totally independent. There are other ways, but that was easiest to explain.

  3. When nudging, i personally would work in node/network view. As it is easier to see what asset is in front or behind. Plus if you are wanting to have the lower arm in front of the body but upper arm behind for example, then depending how you have setup your rig, in node view you can drag the to in front of the body

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Hi there, thanks for your reply.

  1. For the front facing view I am using all the same drawing objects as the 3q view so the same layer. I have just moved and rearranged them on the second keyframe and yeah I am using a peg.

  2. Sounds about right. I will try doing that again then thanks.

  3. I understand the layering of assets in node view and I have correctly structured them there, but I am also aware that you can animate the perspective positioning of an object without adjusting the nodes. For example if the character was to have his arm behind him and then bring it forward in front of him, with just the simplicity of keyframing without making any additional layers, (Alt and up/down arrow) as you probably know. It’s just strange that when I move the lower arm only peg it moves the whole arm behind the torso rather than just the lower arm.


It’s sorted now. Turns out I adjust the element rather than the peg. Thought I had peg selection only mode one. Ah well. This last two issues were because I didn’t paste correctly. I pasted special and this time selected ‘make new columns’ and also set my composites to ‘pass through’ in the groups I had. Yay. Thanks.