I made a little trailer...

This is actually the teaser segment of my pilot. The “Mystics” is a family of superheroes with origins in WWII. The team features a powerful sorcerer who poses as a simple stage magician, a housewife who is actually a slave of the Devil, A guy who can die and come back to life over and over again, a super-strong android, and a robot that is mentally controlled by a twelve-year-old boy.

This teaser features the Sorcerer, Joshua, and Clair, slave of Satan.

Feedback is welcome.


I’m really excited that this is all coming together like I planned…Well, off to make the next scene…

where’s the url?

Geez,I’m sorry. I musta been in some hurry, lol.


looks okay so far…you could really help by balancing the volume levels out…the fx at the end nr blew my speakers up!!!

Sorry about that. I just got some software to correct that problem. i will fix it and repost it soon.