I love the Animate Pro video tutorials

I just wanted to say how great I think these tutorials are. They are incredibly helpful to someone like me who always has trouble following and learning from written tutorials. The woman demonstrating the software is articulate, easy to follow along with, and her voice is very easy on the ears. My grasp of AP’s features has improved immensely in just a few days. Thank you for making these!!


Well I am really pleased to hear that. :slight_smile:
Your feedback is really appreciated!
We are trying our best to give as much information as possible and make the learning curve easy.

Your compliments were transmitted to the instructor.

Thanks for watching!!


I totally agree.

The vidz are really nice! :slight_smile:

Hear, Hear - Great Stuff.

I agree! Really nice work, the rigging tutorial is amazing! Who ever made the decision at ToonBoom to give the go ahead with these really picked the right person for the job. She deserves a raise and an excellent performance review!

I too get a lot out of these videos! The instructor does a remarkable job as if she’s sitting next to you in a class and showing you step by step. My only (minor) complaint is that the time intervals between new tutorials is a bit long-the latest is 4 weeks. It sure would be great to have a new tutorial session quicker, maybe every week, but since I’m not in charge I have no say in the matter. But keep up the great work!

Hello everyone,

I am so pleased to hear all your great comments!!
It is great to know that our work is helping you out. :slight_smile:

We try to release the videos quickly. Sometime the spacing between the packs is a little longer because some of the videos, mainly cut-out animation and rigging, are longer to produce.

Thanks again for your great feedback!


I’d also like to compliment the tutorials. I hadn’t previously watched them because I had watched the earlier tutorials and have been using Animate since around the time it first came out. Today I had some time and I watched a few of them.

Even having used Animate for a few years I found some things in the videos I didn’t know about. They weren’t things I couldn’t do another way, but I feel like they will help me be a bit more efficient in the way I’m currently doing things.

So, definitely, good job!

Thank you very much!

Even knowing Animate and Animate Pro in depth, when I watch the videos to review and approve them, I find myself being refreshed on a lot of little things. :slight_smile:

thanks for watching!


When I first purchased Animate Pro 1 I was lost without any good video tutorials so, I didn’t use the software. Now, I’m back and excited again because of the great video tutorials that the Toon Boom team have put together for newbies like myself. I can’t afford to upgrade to Animate Pro 2 yet but the trial version will help me for now.

Thanks for the great software and videos!


P.S. Maybe I’ll just wait for version 3 later this year! ;D