I know toon boom is for animation but...

I know toon boom is for animation but I would love it to have the simplicity and ability of Garfields Comic boom for simple panel comic strips.

I prefer to draw strips in the Garfield app but the limited ability for colour palettes makes it awkward to draw multiple versions. Also Toon Boom has the ability to export at much higher resolution.
Currenty I have exported from Garfield in flipbook format and then imported that into toon boom but then you have the issue of ripping out masses of frames I don’t want or need.

Maybe there is room for a more advanced comic strip app?

I own Manga Studio and while it is ok (especially the huge resolution files you can work with) I don’t want the complexity of an app getting in the way of the strip.



If Studio or Comic Boom doesn’t fit your needs ?
Please check out the following links:

Comic Life:

SketchBook Pro:


JK,s Bugpudding:
(I presume, he is using Sketchbook Pro for his drawings…?)

some others:

I guess, there are many more…


I use to use SketchBook Pro for layouts etc but I switched to doing all my layouts in PhotoShop. See below:

PhotoShop Layout Blue Pencil Drawing

I layout in Photoshop then I “ink” in Illustrator, color in PhotoShop and do the final composite with lettering back in Illustrator.

Finished Panels

The actual comic is available to read here BUGPUDDING

Best of Luck -JK

I own a whole lot of art apps but never bought into illustrator yet. Looking more and more that I really must go that path.

I used to use Xara for my strips when I was mainly a pc user but on the mac there is still no decent vector graphics app without spending out the cash on something like Illustrator.

I saw your bug pudding strips a while back. Looks very cool. I also like some of the tips on using toon boom for tooning as well.

Will keep trying until I realize that Illustrator is really the way to go. :wink: