I just downloaded Toon Boom, and it won't launch. Help!

Hi, I just bought Toon Boom Studio, and it won’t launch because I don’t have Qucktime. So I downloaded Quicktime for Windows and it still won’t open. Now, it has an error message that says “QTCF.dll” is not installed on my computer. What the heck does this mean? I paid a lot of money for this software, I really need it to work for my classes at college!
All help is appreciated!!

Either Quicktime was not installed properly or it became corrupted.

Just uninstall your current version of Quicktime
Go to the Apple website and download the latest (free) Quicktime Player
Install it from an Administrator user account
Reboot again

The error should go away after you have done this.

Both of those problems are common errors encountered when installing or upgrading software and not Toon Boom specific.

Regarding the Quicktime error did you restart your computer after the installation?

How to fix QTCF.dll error:

Thanks so much! I’ll look into both of those.

I’m not sure I’m willing to pay any more than I already have just to get Toon Boom to run. Isn’t there another way I can fix the error? I would rather not buy the total system care. The video said it was free, but it isn’t.