I have Toon Boom Animate: should I get Toon Boom Studio?


I have a problem that has been bugging me for a few weeks. I am a novice animator and I recently purchased Toon Boom Animate, but I’m beginning to wonder if I made a mistake.

This is not because Toon Boom Animate isn’t any good - it’s almost too good. You see, I don’t have much free time to learn how to animate and I really want to be able to start actually making stuff as soon as possible. Plus, I’m not exactly technically minded. So quite a bit recently, I’ve found myself frustrated by not knowing how the program works yet and by the feeling that I can’t really get good results in the (very limited) time I have available.

I’ve started to wonder if maybe I didn’t get the wrong program. Should I have bought Toon Boom Studio in the first place? Would that allow me to get “up and running” so to speak much more quickly?

I thought I’d throw this rather odd question open to the community here and see if anyone had any thoughts.

[NB: I posted the same question on the Toon Boom Animate forums, so that I could get both perspectives; also because I assumed that they were completely different communities. I hope that doesn’t offend anyone!]

Hi, comments from community users are definitely welcome.

What I can tell you is that both programs have a learning curve like any new software that you learn. A good place to start is on our website in the How To/e-Learning section of the product you are using.

You should find good material that will have you up and animating before you know it. Try starting with simple practice projects first.