I have to find a way please help.

Hello. i got EYES drawing (1,2,3,4… etc) which goes from eyes wide open to shut up and to different eye poses.
Now… i got also the object for pupils, which i use with MASK. so when the eyes are shut the pupils mask will make it shut, when eyes are open the pupils will show up.
PROBLEM is this. lets say i got 8 drawing for eyes, then i must have 8 drawing of eyes-mask. of cours that when eyes drawing change from open to shut, the mask also must change so the pupil will show / dont show.
now, i have a scene, where i wanna open and close the character eyes. i want to change the the eyes drawing and then by some trick copy ONLY the cells INDEX of the eyes and paste that to the MASK object.
Problem is, if i use normal copy paste it will just overwrite the mask drawings and will put the eyes drawings.

NOTE: eyes drawing and mask eyes drawing are not the same, there are slight changes between them.
I hope you guys understood this one. thanx in advance