i have this error

i have this when i open toon boom animate pro 2 then i create my new scene.
i already have a drawing in my working area, then in a couple of seconds or minutes i got this don’t send error and send error message

please help i need to do my animation T_T


Unfortunately that message doesn’t give us much information.
- Is it all scenes that do this or only this one?
- Did you check if your memory is exceeded? In Task Manager.
- What graphic card do you have and what platform are you on?

all scenes are doing this error
maybe my graphic card is low
or my laptop is low model

what do you mean my memory exceeded in task manager?
sorry i don’t know how T_T

Since I don’t know which Windows you have I’ll tell you for Windows 7. If you right-click on the bottom taskbar of Windows you should see the Task Manager. Then in the Performance tab you can have an idea if the memory usage is going way past the limit of your machine’s RAM.

What graphic card do you have? You can find that out by going Start>type dxdiag in the Search box. This will open a program that tells you that information in the second tab Display.


this is my laptop :slight_smile: kinda old model but it runs animate pro

Unfortunately that integrated card is not supported and 98 Mb of memory is very low. The problem with these integrated cards is that they usually don’t support OpenGL properly and since we depend on that it’s normal that it might crash your application. If you look at the hardware requirement this doesn’t meet it.