I have no idea what my color layer and lineart layer are doing

I’m currently working on my thesis and I am in the coloring stage of it. I’m having a lot of trouble coloring in my lineart. I go to the color layer and then click on the “create color art from lineart” button and it doesn’t work anymore. I also noticed that the yellow dots that I can connect and close gaps with have disappeared as well. Another thing is that, whenever I erase my color from the color layer, it erases my lineart at the same time. I’ve tried to go into my select tool properties and saw that the “apply to lineart and color art” is already deselected so it’s not that. Another problem is that it wont let me use any of the tools to edit the layer. I was wondering if it was possible that anyone would know a solution to all of this? ;_;

Without seeing your drawing layout, it is hard to understand what is going on with your setup. Pressing ‘K’ will Show Stokes. You have deselected ‘Apply to Line and Colour Art’ in the Eraser Tool Properties, I know you said Select Tool Properties just to be sure. What version/build of Harmony are you on?