I have an animation, but it won't let me open the file.

So, I have an animation I was working on, and I went into Harmony and it let me choose my past files, but the one I was working on wasn’t there, (I’m on Mac by the way) and I knew I saved it because I could find the file in my finder, however I still couldn’t open it. It has all my frames and everything, but it wouldn’t let me open the file. Please help!

Screen Shot 2017-10-10 at 5.28.58 PM.png

Navigate to the project folder and select the Xstage file within.
(It should show the Harmony logo if the software is correctly installed)

That’s the problem, there is no Xstage file, there are for my past files, but not this one. And again, it has all my frames and everything, but it has no Xstage file, so it won’t let me open it. Is there a fix to that or do I have to start over?


Can you see a .xstage~ file then?
These are backup files and you can easily turn them back into .xstage by renaming the file and removing the ~ at the end.
Please be aware that you need to make sure you can see the file extension.