I have a problem importing sound


I am new to Harmony and have numerous questions. My biggest concern is the fact that I cannot upload my audio. I was recently in a recording studio. Every individual sound file is a .wav file.

Does Harmony usually accept .wav files or should I convert them?

I really appreciate all feedback I receive.

Wav is the way to go. It should work.
- What platform are you on?

- Do you have the good permissions on the files you try to import. Try making a copy of the file on your system if you were trying to import them through your network. Make sure you have the rights to modify it before you import.


It usually accept .wav files but you have to watch out that you save them in 32-bit Integer, I had problem with the 32-bit Floating Point(IEEE).

Thank you so much.

That was exactly my problem. You have just made my day.