I finished my cartoon

After much effort, many hours, and some time VERY well spent on these forums, I finished the first episode of my series. What an amazing feeling…

…and I enjoyed the process so much that after taking two days off to celebrate, I jumped right in to storyboarding my script for episode 2.

If anyone interested would look at it and let me know how it strikes you, even if you think it’s terrible, it would be great. It’s pretty funny…at least, I think it is. ;D


Have a good night, and you gotta love the Toon Boom!

-Banes (sean)

Hey man, great work! Very funny, and well-written.

Thanks, Bruce Willis!

Nice job, entertaining.

I’m new to animating so please take these thoughts with a grain of salt, but the only two things I could critique were:

1. Perhaps better sound quality in recording voices? Sounds like you’re in a small room with a bit of echo.
2. Perhaps a bit more quicker pace? Only about 10% I think would really help.

But that’s just me! I’ve only been looking at animations for about a month so, give that a thought too :wink:

Thanks, Chris - I think you’re right on the money, there. Much appreciated! Hope you’re liking Toon Boom 5 and your issue gets handled.

Cool animation . Keep working!

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