I dont't know how to paint this image.

Copy URL and paste in explorer.

This is a scene from the Disney animation ‘the princess and the frog’.
I want to paint like this. but I don’t have any idea.
I think the Disney scaned pencil drawings using the toon boom harmony. So scaned line will be a black color.
Not really! Would They draw in color line from A to Z?
If drawing line is only black color, How do I change the color line?
I don’t even know how to paint like ‘A’ image, much less ‘B’ image.
First, I’d like to know the way to do like ‘A’ image.
Please tell me what I should do. Could you explain to me in detail?

use the tone and highlight effects/modules (i have a tutorial on it).

You can paint lines any colour you desire with the paintbucket tool.

I don’t know your email but here are some youtube links




The links are in the thread. I don’t need to email it.

You can use a combination of the Repaint bucket with the brush tool on Repaint mode to paint your lines.

Then you can paint in your frames with paintbuckets. Make use of colour swatches that have gradients in them if you like, which you can edit with the Edit Gradient/Texture tool. Or you can just paint with solid colour pots and then add highlights using effects.