I don't think this shortcut exists

Is there a keyboard shortcut to do previous frame/next frame from within the Sound Element Editor? I looked in the shortcuts available (thank you JK for assistance there), but could find no mention of this one.

Much of what I do relies on the lip sync being right, and I always have to go over the rendered lip sync frame by frame from within the Sound Element Editor. I’m finding it more time consuming to have to use the mouse to do previous frame/next frame, then back over to change the mouth shape, then back again.

I’d be happy to do this type of work directly in the Timeline where I do have previous frame/next frame control, but the sound waveforms are so small they’re practically illegible for a normal volumed voice. It’s not possible to be precise this way.

Thank you,

Hi Will,

There is currently now shortcut to do that inside the Sound Editor. One way I could see you could do it is actually in the Exposure sheet. If you trigger the thumbnail view (black circle/square/triangle) you will be able to see the waveform frame by frame inside the Exposure sheet.

Hope this solution will suit you. We will look what can be done on our side to make it more intuitive.

Best regards,