I don't know how to import a rig into a Harmony scene!!

Hey, I’ve only ever dealt with Harmony when I was in school, and all the rigs were already made available within the program at that point. Now that I want to use it at home, I can’t seem to insert a rig I have into a scene. I know it’s probably simple, I"m just not sure how to do it because I’ve never done it before lol please help me!

Thanks in advance!

Copy the rigs to the Harmony library or create a new library on your computer, called, for instance, ‘NameOfYourProject Library’. You can create a new library directly from Harmony, via Library View, right-clicking on the folder area, select Open Library… then create a new folder (or select the folder if you have already created it). Then just copy the files (.tpl, I suppose) to that folder. They will appear on your library and you can just drag-and-drop them to the Camera view, left side of Timeline or Node view (in this case you’ll have to connect the cables manually).

Luis Canau

Exactly what Luis said, but if you have access to the harmony scene with the rig you want in it, you can open the scene, duplicate the rig, then cut it and paste it into your library in Harmony. There are so many files for a harmony scene, I never know what to save where, so I just let Harmony do the work.

This tutorial lays it all out. Enjoy! Importing Characters into Harmony - YouTube