I can't start

I downloaded the TBS3 trial ver. But after the TBS3 window appeared, it disappeared in a few seconds and the progam just won’t start. Could this problem be fixed?

I use win XP with AMD 2500+ and 512MB DDR ram.

do you have the last quicktime version installed?

Yes, I installed the quicktime 7 when I installed itunes. But my quicktime is not the PRO ver. Dose it matter?

no, it doesn’t matter. i just try to find a reason…
i think mathieu would be the best help. he knows all those runtime troubles. i’d suggest you to wait for him. he drops in often here.

Many Adobe After Effects users experienced problems (AE would start then quit) after installing QuickTime 7. The problem was resolved when they updated the driver for the graphics card. Given that you are running QT 7, you might try updating your video driver and see if that helps.


I updated my graphic card driver but the problem still exists. My graphic card is Nvidia GeForce 5600.

Thanks for the help anyway.

Hi Pochu,

This is a strange problem, first time I hear from this problem with V3.

Can you open the process manager and make sure there is no TBS.exe process running in the background. When there is a process jammed, this is exactly what TBS does, it closes right away.

If not, please contact us at techsupport@toonboomstudio.com.

With a little bit more information we will help you out.


No, there’s no TBS.exe working, I checked.

I can run V2, but V2 doesn’t support the flash mx files.

I use winXP Chinese traditional ver. Is it the reason?

I am running a UK version of XP and my Toonboom is showing the same symptoms. I believe that Quicktime 7 has updated something that Toonboom does not like.

I have updated graphics drivers as well as uninstalled QT7 and installed QT6 (tried QT5, but it wanted to install QT6 instead), but the problem still exists.

Will keep trying though

Okay, something odd is certainly going on, as my copy of Toonboom has started to work again ???

what have you done?

I did the following in order on Friday.

1. Uninstalled Toonboom and re-installed it.
2. Uninstalled QT7+iTunes, restarted pc.
3. Installed QT6 (QT5 not available anymore), restarted pc.

Toonboom still did not work after the above, so I then installed QT7 again and then when I tried Toonboom again over the weekend it was working.

I’m having the exact same problem with V3 for Win. The splash screen loads up followed by the program which then closes straight back down again. Nothing in the processes list after it closes.

Tried various combinations of installing TBS & QT6 & 7 as well as updating the graphics drivers and I can’t find a way around it.

Oddly enough the problem is now back. Looks like I’ll have to see if it’s one of the processes that XP has running in the background…

None of the non-vital processes had any effect, however I decided to run a scandisk and defrag after removing a few programs I don’t use anymore and Toon Boom is again working.

This is getting to be annoying, as there is no exact way to find out what causes Toon Boom from working.

Well what to say… I’ve tried everything I could find here on these forums about toon boom not starting after install from drivers, to quicktime to what not, and nothing works… Uninstall, reinstall, the whole nine. I’d love to use the software as everyone raves about it, but no luck. any Ideas?

I use an AMD FX55 w/ dual 6800’s in SLI… I’m going to attach a link to my dxdiag file in the event that it helps pinpoint the problem