I Can't see What I Draw..

OK, I just installed Toon Boom Animate PLE and I pressed the brush tool to draw.
Well, I began drawing, but I couldn’t see what I was drawing, so when I let go of the mouse, my drawing is messed up.
Does anyone know what I am even talking about? If so, what should I do to adress this issue? :frowning:

Tried a different brush or pencil to test it out, if that fails. It might be a problem with your graphics card OpenGL2.0 support. Are using a mac or pc, if pc is it xp or vista>?

It doesn’t work for brush or pencil. But it seems to work fine when I use the line tool… :-\
My computer is Windows Vista.

They’re have been a lot complaints about vista and that problem when drawing. Either create a dualboot with WinXP or Win7. Both seem to work flawlessly with TB Animate. Also try turning the OpenGl settings off, and see what happens.

I turned off the OpenGl Settings (I went to Edit-Prefrences and unclicked everything in the OpenGL tab), and I still can’t see what I draw.
What should I do now?

Since you are using vista your options are limited. Since Vista itself has problems with OpenGl, thus a lot of apps has problems with OpenGL. Since the TB developers haven’t fix that problem. You can:

1. Cancel or disable AERO mode (Worked for some Tb Animate users)
2. Wait till Tb release a patch.
3. Dual-Boot vista with Xp of Win7
4. Upgrade or downgrade from vista.

I’m using Win Xp, by the way. Works like a charm form.