I can't re-arrange my new drawing layers

I’ve hit a pretty irritating obstacle while constructing my characters for a new project of mine. Every new drawing layer I create is automatically placed at the bottom of the layers window and I can’t move any of them past a certain point (specifically the colour card). I somehow managed to create a couple of drawing layers yesterday that for some reason I COULD re-arrange but I have absolutely no idea what I did differently or whether I even did. From my memory and perspective I did nothing different at all, they just suddenly decided they could be moved!

Edit: right after posting this, this EXACT thing just happened again; created new layer tried to move it and after a couple of attempts to drag/re-arrange it, it suddenly worked with zero explanation. I deleted the layer and tried again. Nothing. It can either be at the very top of the layer window or at the bottom…

In my frustration I continued working on creating my character but have now reached the point where I urgently need a solution to this as my body layer is automatically in front of the head layer. I currently have four drawing layers stuck underneath the colour card on my layer window, I can re-arrange their order underneath said colour card but cannot move them past it. Deleting the colour card makes no difference either, if I try and re-arrange any of these four layers it just sends it to the bottom of this new order it seems to have made for itself. I can attach the layers to one of the layers above the colour card as if I’m rigging which I suppose for now I’ll have to do but as with my previous problem I feel this is not the actual solution.

Can somebody explain why this is happening? At this point I can only assume it’s some kind of glitch and I feel I have no choice but to start a new scene and try importing every drawing layer into the new file or reach the unfulfilling compromise of rigging the layers together. Which by principle I shouldn’t have to do. >: (

Same problem. Very annoying. I’ve closed the scene and reopened it and then it worked. Any logical reason to this issue ?

Can someone please respond to this? I am having the same problem.

Many times I try to rearrange my layers, and some will move around and some won’t with no rhyme or reason. I’ve been struggling with this for days now and it is actually prohibiting me from using the software effectively at this point. Like I just created a layer I want as my background for example, and I can’t even move it to the bottom of the timeline but have no idea why.

No, nothing is locked.

Does anybody know the rhyme or reason as to how to move layers up and down the timeline? This just doesn’t make any sense to me…

Are you seeing the thin cyan coloured line between the layers ?


If you have a version of Harmony with the Node View, try having a look into it.
This can often make things instantly very clear and allow you to fix the problem by manually re-dordering the way the elements are connected.

Same here. I’m new to Toonboom Harmony, but using it for a project with a crushing deadline and this problem- not being able to slide a layer from the bottom to a higher position I need it to be in (to relate to the one above it)- is really slowing me down and may shut me down if I can’t fix it! I have Harmony 17, on a iMac, and every once in awhile it will slide up and “stick/stay there”, but usually it pops back down to the bottom. Yes, I’m getting the blue line to show it has registered that I’m trying to move it. I’ve tried it in the timesheet viewer also (not just the timeline view) and it doesn’t work there either. I’ve rebooted the entire system and doesn’t seem to make a difference. -Need Help1 -Tom B.

There is a very good chance that the layer isn’t attached to the composite. An easy way to find out is to select “display” from the display menu. If it shows up it is attached and you have a different problem. If it disappears, you were likely looking at “display all” which will show all nodes regardless of whether they are plugged into the composite or not. If the layer isn’t plugged into your composite it can’t be “moved” since it is incapable of interacting with the layers that are a part of the main composite. Hopefully this helps.


Same here. Come on Toonboom, this is ridiculous. I’m currently using H for an animation test for a major job, and I need this Adobe-level nonsense like a hole in the head.

this worked for me! Thank you so much!