I Can't Play My Animations! Please Help!

Hey everyone! I just purchased Harmony after messing around with it for a while in trial version and i’m coming up against a similar problem that I have no idea how I solved the first time. So I like to do frame by frame animation and I draw on the the Drawing layer (instead of the Camera one). However, when I click Play Forward, it doesn’t do anything! It shows that it’s scrubbing through the frames on the timeline, but nothing shows up or it just shows the first frame. It’s driving me nuts! It plays correctly in the Camera tab and at first I thought that’s just how it must be, but when I try to render and play it, nothing shows up there either! I’ve tried just drawing on a new frame, inserting a blank cell, and inserting a blank drawing but none of them will play correctly. I somehow fixed this in trial (I could press play while in the Drawing tab and it would play all my frames correctly), but I can’t figure it out anymore. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help!!! I can’t animate until I do :c

Can you post images of your stage/timeline?

I’ve attached a screenshot to my original post. Does that work?

It isn’t obvious, have you drawn several steps of movement? If so did you utilize onion skin? Can you turn onion skin on and see the various drawings? Can you take a screen capture showing some onion skin layers exposed?

Just looking for peripheral information that could shed light on your situation.

I’ve attached another screenshot to my original post! Yes i’ve drawn quite a few frames. They show up when I scrub through the timeline, just not when I hit play

In “Drawing View” there is no playback function using the “Play Forward” button…

Either use “Easy Flipping”, Or use F and G - or , and .

Otherwise use the “Camera View” for Playback…

I could have sworn I got it to work earlier though–but thanks for the feedback, I may have just been drawing in camera mode and not realized it! However, it still just shows black when I try and render and play it. Is there a fix for that?

Use a “Colour-Card” as a background…

Ah! That worked perfectly, thank you so much!