I can't open .mov sound files in Animate 2?

I can’t open .mov sound files in Animate 2?
But I could in Studio 4.
Why did it change for the worse?

I too am having trouble importing files in Animate 2. (No trouble in Toon Boom Studio 5) I go to file, import, sound and it imports only to a frame limit of 60, chopping my sound off. I can’t seem to extend anything beyond 60 frames anywhere. Does anyone know where I can alter this please? jduell@pnvr.com.au>:(

I tried importing them as both, audio and movie. But after a friend told me how easy it was to convert .mov’s to .wavs I got over it. Here’s my NEWEST question:
In the DRAWING view, I frequently can’t find my drawing that I’m staring at in CAMERA view. I zoom out as far as I can, I drag the hand all over the screen.
How can I find what I’m working on?

Are you doing a File > Import > Movie? Are you getting an error message?


Regarding the movie/sound import. When you import a sound, it will import it for the whole duration of the sound, but it will only show it for the current length of your scene. If you then drag on the red scene end handle you can extend the length of your scene. If you still can’t see the rest of the sound at that point, then you can double-click on the sound layer to bring up the Sound Editor window. Then click once on the sound layer at the top to select it. On the bottom half of the Sound Editor is where you’ll be able to tell the sound how much of it you want to play in your scene. There’s a green bar that should by default say 1, which indicates the frame that the sound starts on. Then there’s a red bar that says probably 60 in your case, which is the frame that the sound ends on. Simply drag the yellow bar over to the right so that it plays until the sound stops. Then make sure your scene length is the correct length.

If you have problems importing a movie file, then please let me know the error message so that I can help you further with that.

When it comes to the drawing view, in the drawing view you can only see the current selected layer. Do you have the correct layer selected in your timeline? Sometimes the easiest thing to do is select the layer that you want to work on with your transform tool, then pop over to the drawing view and that layer should be selected so you should see it.