I can't import illustrator files at Toon boom harmony 12

I’m using Illustrator CS6
Toon boom harmony 12

My files doesn’t have spaces, accented and special characters in the filename. I tried to save with legacy and no successful. I’m following exactly what is saying here.


But i’m stuck up in the third step!! My dialog box to rename my file doesn’t appeared like is saying because after importing nothing else happened.

  • First step OK
  • Second step . File > Import > SWF, Illustrator files to library. OK / Right- click on any unlocked folder and select IMPORT FILES
    ( I did right-click on stage library and choose my file but then nothing happened)

Am I doing something wrong?

I went to check the link you posted, and it said Page Not Found. I recently had to import a .ai file, and I’ve just tested it again. I did the following:

  1. In the Library view, right-click on the locked Stage Library icon and choose Right to Modify (at the top of the menu that pops up)
  2. File > Import > SWF, Illustrator Files to Library
  3. Navigate to your file location and choose file
  4. A dialogue box appears, asking you to confirm/change file name for the template
  5. A folder appears in your Stage Library view. Drag it into the node view and plug it into the composite.

Problem: I’m finding that only the top layer of the .ai is importing. I don’t remember if this was a problem for me before. Anybody have any ideas? I might try combining all objects in the .ai into one layer and see if that helps. But for now, I have to get back to work and look for some help on another problem :slight_smile: