I can't figure out how to edit motion?

to start off, I learned how to animate on Flash CS4, and I am well aware that that has screwed up my ability to comprehend how to animate with other types of software. frustrating, but I hope to move past that!

however, it shouldn’t be this hard to figure out how to move an object from one place to another smoothly! I know that you use the Motion tool to move where objects go, but I can’t figure out how to make them tween-the object sits there until suddenly it’s somewhere else. when I try looking at the function editor to see how to make it transition, I just get lost!

I’m sure there’s a hugely simple answer to this, but whenever I look up resources for toon boom tutorials, either I have to pay for it or they try to start me off at the very very beginning with the most basic parts about animation which I’ve been studying for the past five years, and it’s really irritating! please help me?


oh my gosh, this is exactly what I needed. thank you so much!!! I feel like I might be able to finally start making some progress with this software!!

Right-click any keyframe in the timeline / Set Non Constant Segment…
This will create a smooth interpolation between your keyframes… Indicated by a thin black line.
Constant Segments wont show those black lines…

Otherwise, if you like, here are a few very simple video-demos…






Be aware, all videos are without sound, it’s all very easy and straightforward…