I can't export to .mov HELP

I just finished my sketch but I cant export it, I installed quicktime but it doesn’t help, what can I do if I want to move my short film to something like windows movie maker? PLEASE HELP!

Hi there! I had the same problem a while ago.

I actually resolved this issue on my own, but I need to know a few things to help you. What is your OS, Vista, XP, 7, 8, or 10? What version of Quicktime are you on?

If you’re on a 10 (my problem)

-Uninstall your current version of Quicktime
-Restart your computer
-Install 7.7.6 Quicktime
-Restart your computer again

Should work then ^^ Though I don’t know how to help with Movie Maker, since I use the Adobe Creative Suite and have access to After Effects and Premiere.