I can't edit or drag images into toon boom harmony anymore?

About 2 to 3 days ago I could of dragged an image from my desktop right into toon boom.

After I dragged it into toon boom I could of stretched it and edited it in anyway I wanted. Today I realize I no longer could do this and tried different image formats.

Why this is a problem:

I used to custom make backgrounds in a 3rd party program then insert it into toon boom. Did something change that I wasn’t aware of? This could be a deal breaker for me if I no longer can do this.

I was also a bit surprised when I switched to Toon Boom recently, but you still can Import the images form the File menu

Hi Pepsibluefan,

Did you recently switch Harmony versions and this functionality stopped working? Or are you on the same version as before and this functionality potentially disappeared?

Helping us drill down on which version of Harmony you are on or changed to will help us narrow down if this is an intentional change, potential bug or if the process is the same.

Thanks for providing more info!

I am not sure if I am using the same Harmony as before. I believe yesterday I returned my license because my computer crashed and I had to reinstall the program.

The current version of Harmony I am using is this:

Version 17.0.2 (15414) (2020-01-17 22:06:06)

I hope this helps. I can import the image using File but the drag and drop functionality is gone for me.