I can't add motion keyframes, normal keyframes or even tween

I have been trying to tween an object in Toonboom Harmony 17 Premium. All I want to do is make a drawing move across the bottom of the screen, I’ve done a lot of tweening before in ToonBoom but it’s neven given me this many issues.

When I right click on the frame in the time line the “Insert Keyframe” “Set Stop motion keyframe” and “Set motion keyframe” options are all greyed out and I can’t even click them. I have been trying to figure this out for an entire hour and I’ve made 0 progress. The buttons that also make tweens and keyframes are also greyed out so I can’t use those either. I just want to do a simple motion tween where the character goes from right to left a little bit and it should be a simple tween.

I have tried looking this up several different times and nothing has come up, I need help. I’m working on a senior film in college and my school doesn’t teach ToonBoom neither have any resources available to us.