I can't activate Storyboard Pro or Harmony

I have a Toon Boom account with my school (School of Visual Arts). Earlier in the year I was able to access and use Storyboard Pro and Harmony, but all of a sudden it does not work anymore. It gives me an error code (50003) when I try to view my product licenses after I login to either program. When I log onto the website and view my ‘Desktop Subscriptions’ under ‘Downloads’ it shows me that I have both Storyboard Pro and Harmony products available to download.

So I obviously have access to download the programs through the website but I’m not able to use them on my computer afterwards. Yes, I have uninstalled the program several times, restarded my computer, and updated to the latest version of each program, etc, etc. It still does not work.

I need to use this program for my school work so I’m hoping this issue can get resolved soon.


Uninstalling the software does not return the license.

To do this, open the license wizard from the “License Tools” folder
of the software using the options:
Manage Licenses
Manage Local License
select the license and hit the “Return” button.

If you can’t locate your license email support.

Hello, I can’t activate my Storyboard Pro since Friday. How can I possibly do this? I received an email about a free 30-day home license. Is it still active? My plan is to pass the test > Toon Boom Certified Associate and do my high school assignment (North Fort Myers High School Center for Arts and Media).

Hello stanleybaum,

For license issues, please reach out to our license team at desk@toonboom.com and they’ll help get you up and running