I can't activate my trial license in the Harmony 14

Hello! Well, today I went to install the Harmony Premium 14, however, when I went to activate the trial license, I came across this error:


If you can help me, thank you very much!

What steps did you take?

Did you download the trial from the My Downloads / Trails section of your Toon Boom account?

After downloading and installing the file did you start the application and log into your Toon Boom account?

Getting started with your trial:

Step 1

Use the download link specific to your platform (Windows or Mac OS X) to start downloading the software you would like to try. Your 21 day trial starts as soon as you click the download button.
Step 2

Once downloaded on your computer (or if you obtained the software download previously), open the file and follow the instructions to install the application on your computer.
Step 3

Launch the application and select “Try Now”
Next, Login with your Toon Boom ID (email address that you used to login to this website)

Note that your Toon Boom ID is: XXXXXXXXXXXXX <= mine is my email address
Need Help?

Need help getting started? Please contact our Support department and we will assist you:


I don’t know if this is anything important, but I’m having the same issue. If someone could help out on this, that’d be great.

Good afternoon everyone,

For licensing and activation issues, I highly recommend contacting support@toonboom.com.

You have access to free Kick-Start support for all licenses, activation, and installation issues.


I looked there when I downloaded the software, but the license key won’t show. Why’s that?