i can't activate my license !

i can’t activate my license

Toon Boom Storyboard Pro 7    (  Win10

“There is no license for Storyboard in your account”

I have subscription:
Storyboard Pro - Annual Desktop Subscription - Silver Support Included 416296 2020-12-20 05:59


Hello oleksiitkachenko,

For license-related issues, please reach out to desk@toonboom.com so that our license team can directly help you.

Sorry for commenting when this was already resolved but this was the only post I could find that had my exact same problem and I was sad to see the resolution not on here! Could save someone time in the future. If you’re reading this because you also have the same problem as oleksiitkachenko:

What resolved it for me was going into Activate Now > Manage Licenses > Manage Local Licenses, my license had grey text where it should be black, to resolve this click the license that is not working and then hit repair. Then when I went to go open my storyboard pro file everything was groovy!