I cannot view imported images on my workspace?

Hi, I am brand new to Toon Boom. I downloaded the free trial of Harmony 12 Essentials. I have created characters on another program (Serif DrawPlus) and saved them as images. When I import into toon boom, they are not viewable. I can, however, see a thumbnail on the side under Library, and when I do a preview (render) of the storyboard, the image shows up there. But, because I cannot see it in the workspace, I cannot do anything with the character! (And, yes, the eyeball is clicked). I am new to toon boom but not new to digital art, and I’ve done animations using other processes. I just don’t know what I’m doing with this program haha

Did you check your network view? The images may be behind (level underneath) any background art you may have imported. Newest imports always go to the bottom of the composition. Then you’d just need to change levels in the time line or in the network view.

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