I cannot renew my Card Number Information

I am having a difficulty getting into the manage my subscriptions section of ToonBoom. I was notified that my payments were not going though by email. I am a member of the site and got an email stating that “The reason the credit card transaction failed most likely has to do with information that we have on file that’s become outdated, such as an expired credit card number or old billing address. Please visit the ‘Manage My Subscriptions’ section on the ToonBoom website to ensure that all of your personal information is accurate and up-to-date.” recently i needed to discontinue my card because it was stolen and so I knew I needed to renew it within ToonBoom. But as I clicked the link in the email leading me to the “manage your subscriptions” section it said that I was not authorized for this section. It stated that only members of the site could visit this page… Can somebody help me? I am for sure a member but it still does not let me in. Please tell me what I might be doing wrong or what I don’t understand! Thanks in advance!

Also my account will be deleted if i don’t act soon!

Have you tried just going to https://account.toonboom.com and clicking on ‘Manage My Subscriptions’ on the left (rather than using the link in the email)? I don’t have a subscription, but I’d assume that’s where details can be updated.

As cjb135 alluded to, you are unable to access that area by clicking on the link in your email because you are not logged in so it does not recognize you. Or it could be a security glitch as you should be presented with an opportunity to log in at that stage, who knows? Try accessing the My Account section here after you are logged in here at the forum. Your subscription information is available directly from this location.