I can`t see all the library items! HELP!

i BOUGHT TOONBOOM animate a week ago. I wanted to get started with the SampleMaterial so i downloaded it from tooboom.com. After installation i imported lesson 8 Building your puppet. i cant see all the components of it. Help! Whats the problem the files or the program??? :’( ???

first of all i installed the samples to the toonboom animate 2 folder. But when i opened the program i didn`t see them in the animate library folder so i right clicked and selected open library i selected the templates folder from C:\Users\Public\Documents\Toon Boom Animation\Toon Boom Animate 2\Templates . After importing i clicked on a template but nothing shows up. I right-clicked and selected open as folder. I clicked on elements but i can see only the first item of the following categories: lp_body,lp_head,lp_…

let`s make it short…its the same problem as the “Sample Material not working” topic. i cant drag or see the sample material

please help!

nevermind…i fixed it…thx anyway

How exactly did you import the sample material? What steps did you take?


Did you drag and drop the template from the library onto the camera view to import the template into your scene?

I’m trying to help you… I’m not sure what thread you’re talking about, could you attach a link maybe? Or a screenshot of what you’re seeing?

If not then maybe you could contact support@toonboom.com directly and they can help you out one-on-one.